We help insurance brokers deliver exceptional products and services to senior clients through the advantages that come with being part of Walmart Health.

Walmart Health is a resource for providing Medicare solutions

We provide comprehensive healthcare services, and are a trusted health care provider, offering services to seniors throughout our Health Centers.

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We currently serve communities in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois & Texas. In 2024, we are expanding into Missouri while adding locations in Texas. With plans to expand to 70 healthcare center locations, we will be able to offer even more close-to-home care for your Medicare clients in the future.

Find providers and accepted Medicare plans. View a comprehensive list of Walmart Health providers and learn which Medicare plans we accept.

Find providers & accepted Medicare plans

View a comprehensive list of Walmart Health providers & learn which Medicare plans we accept.

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Easy access to convenient, comprehensive healthcare services, including dental, medical & behavioral health services. Our healthcare services are provided by board-certified doctors & licensed providers offering empathetic, patient-centered care. Being part of Walmart Health also provides the convenience of same-day or next day appointments & puts you just steps away from a Walmart Supercenter, where you can access pharmacy & over-the-counter products nearby.

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Meet our exceptional team of providers. Highly-trained, fully-licensed and experienced physicians, nurses and physicians’ assistants.
  • Exceptional team of providers

    Highly-trained, fully-licensed & experienced physicians, nurses & physicians’ assistants.

  • One-stop, convenient care

    Steps away from a Walmart Supercenter.

  • Same-day or next-day appointments

    We’re here when you need us, at a time that works best for you.